Hawkes Bay Towing


Hawkes Bay Towing would like to treat one lucky family to a night out at Meeanee Speedway.

When: Boxing Day – 26th December 2015
Race: Hawkes Bay Stockcar Champs
Family Pass: 2 x Adults and 4 x Children

To enter comment below on our website (leave a reply) and tell us the names of people you’d invite if you won the family pass. Everyone will go into the draw to WIN.

We’ll notify the winner on 19th December 2015. Good Luck!

Merry Christmas from Hawkes Bay Towing and Meeanee Speedway.

Photo credit – Chris Morris

Hawkes Bay Towing

83 thoughts on “Hawkes Bay Towing

  1. usman says:

    Hi there I would love to take my partner and his 3 children. They absolutely love speedway especially the crashes and the awesomely presented cars

  2. Kashif says:

    I would love to win this for a family that never gets to take there kids anywhere at all so if i won i would give it to them as they desreve it and i know there kids would enjoy it

  3. Ema says:

    I would love to take my partner my 5 year old dorta who loves the sound of fast cars nd wants to drive a stockcar one day

  4. Ginni says:

    Karrie, Jake & Corey Stephens, myself, husband Dave & our three kids too – looking forward to hanging out at the Speedway again!!!

  5. Anna Berryman says:

    I would love to take my kids Piper and Harry and my husband. My love for the speedway started with. My family who raced many years ago and my cousins are still racing today. Would love to win this family pass to watch the amazing racing at Meeane.

  6. Kathleen Berriman says:

    I would take my hubby and our 2 girls 6 and 3 as we have never taken them and it’s been years since we’ve been ourselves. We would probably take their 2 grandads

  7. Amanda Ross says:

    I would love to take my 4year old Lil Liam as he loves monster trucks and racing cars etc and he has never been before, my Partner Ben has also never been to the Speedway EVER and I have been trying to convince him he would love it!! Thank you for the chance to win a good family night out

  8. Jackie says:

    I’d take izaiah, who is 3 and we keep saying we would take him but haven’t yet! Izaiah would love his cousin Koby to join him, Also take my partner Jarred

  9. Deane Hadfield says:

    I’m a solo Dad and would love to take my 2 children and their 2 girl cousins and my old best mate Terry.We used to go all the time when we were kids.Our Dad sponsored one of the stock cars.I fondly remember the Pig. It used to knock over all the 40 gallon drums and a car that came out to roll as many times as possible.I love the smell and the noise.Awesome fun.

  10. Lauren says:

    I would take my husband and kids. Is not something we can usually afford. But we would all love to go. Our 3yr old adores cars so would be estatic to experience this. Would be all his christmases at once.

  11. amy fleming says:

    I would take my partner and two daughters and let my girls choose a friend each to take. It would be a great xmas present to them.

  12. laura hyde says:

    I would take my dad Robin, youngest brother Matt, my 7 year old daughter and her two best friends. We love the speedway!

  13. Kirsty Bickerstaff says:

    I’d love to take my son and my daughter she’s only been once and buzzed out I’d also take my best friend and her 3 sons

  14. Stella says:

    I would take my whole family, this would be a first for us and I think it would be exciting as we can hear it from our house :) Thanks for the chance :)

  15. Kathy sloss says:

    I would like my son Michael Bates his wife and two children. The kids experienced speedway a month ago and loved it. Would be an awesome treat!

  16. marie arnold says:

    i would like to nominate Michelle Jepson…on face book Michelle and Dean……She has been a friend since i was 6 yrs old, She has been there for me thru out the years, high school etc. She also has raised her family pracatically on her own, twins and 2 sons and beautiful daughter, and recently she lost her aunty as well..I think this be awesome family get together at this time. :)

  17. yvonne butler says:

    I take this time to nominate my brother peter Littleton and his family, he is a hard working man, he and his wife are always there for me no matter what time of day it is. This is such a wonderful caring family and are not there just for me they are there for anyone that needs there their help.. i would give the tickets as an early christmas present for them so they have got so much love to give out to the ccommunity.

  18. Kristel Fontaine says:

    I would love to take my two girls and my mate and his boy but I would love to nominate my friends Terri Wibberley and Damian Bates and there 3 beautiful children, Reasons being Damian works to hard and long hours to provide for them all and they don’t really get the chance to go and do things as a family as he is always at work they are fantastic people and a gorgeous family and need a family outing. Thank you

  19. Melissa Torstonson says:

    I would gift the family pass to my boss. She is such a harder working single mum with two beautiful boys. She would be able to take her friend and her two children also, and have some much needed quality time away from working her two jobs.

  20. Vanessa says:

    I’d take my 3 children, my nephew and my dad. Boxing Day is the only public holiday I have off this season so would be great to spend it enjoying the dust and petrol fumes of the speedway

  21. Kiri Forbes says:

    Id like to win the pass for my children. They used tobe a huge ppart of Speedway.
    They were the ORiley racing team with Pixie up front.
    They have had a hard year and it would be absolutely awesome to get them back into the speedway scene.
    I as thier mum would be extaticly happy if they won.
    I would even buy another one just to watch thier faces light up with utter joy.
    Born with wheels this lot.

  22. Rachel says:

    I’d invite my hubby Jason M O’Brien. I’d gift the spaces to a family with kids all in the spirit of Christmas

  23. Michelle Barnes says:

    I’d love to take my husband Brett, my 2 year old son who loves speedway , his friend Lochie and his mum Michalea .. We went last weekend and loved it !!!

  24. Tania Potts says:

    I would take my dad as he took me and my brother to the speedway regularly when we were young. I would also take my three boys and husband. Surrounded by speedway loving males!

  25. Tamara kngham says:

    I would love to win this for a family that never gets to take there kids anywhere at all so if i won i would give it to them as they desreve it and i know there kids would enjoy it

  26. Brandon says:

    I would like to invite my daughter Ella whos 17 months old, my mum Sharin, 2 sisters Claudia and Mikayla.

  27. Julie says:

    I’d like to take my husband our three kids and my daughters boyfriend. Would be a great night out for the family.

  28. Megan Williams says:

    Hi there I would love to take my partner and his 3 children. They absolutely love speedway especially the crashes and the awesomely presented cars

  29. lory cribb says:

    my husband mike son liam and would love too gift the other 3 childrens passes too another family as we only have the one child

  30. shabrin says:

    If I won I would take sabia my sister and her two kids Azariah and Fayzel
    She’s a ssolo parent and doesn’t get treats like this :)

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